Diagram 35 presents the 10 largest mutual fund managers in the US and the value of the assets they manage.

Diagram 35
The Ten Largest Mutual Fund Mangers in the US (3rd quarter of 2008)

Firm Assets 
(billions of dolars)
The Vanguard Group 957
American Funds Investment 932
Fidelity Investments 717
Barclays Global Investors 287
Franklin Templeton Investments 257
Pimco Funds 219
T.Rowe Price Investments Services 192
State Street Global Advisors 177
Oppenheimer Funds 130
Dodge & Cox 118

Fidelity Mutual Funds

Fidelity is the largest fund manager in the United States and offers more than 100 different mutual funds that cover all possible investment sectors and styles. 

Over the next five pages, we will present a listing of all the funds that Fidelity offers.  This list comes to underscore the wide selection from which investors can choose.


Fidelity funds are split into the following categories:


1.   Stock Funds

  1. Domestic Equity Funds.
  2. Stock Index Funds.
  3. Sector Funds.
  4. Real Estate Funds.


2.   Bond Funds

  1. Taxable Bond Funds.
  2. High Yield Bond Funds.
  3. National Municipal Bond Funds.
  4. State Municipal Bond Funds.
  5. Bond Index Funds.


3.   International Funds

  1. International Stock Funds.
  2. International Bond Funds.


4.   Money Market funds

  1. Taxable Money Market Funds.
  2. National Municipal Money Market Funds.
  3. State Municipal Money Market Funds.


5.   Asset Allocation Funds

  1. Asset Allocation Funds
  2. Lifecycle Funds
  3. Hybrid Funds

Janus Mutual Funds

Janus is a company that manages more than 25 mutual funds.  This company has been particularly successful over the past few years, and as of the end of December, 2005, Janus was managing more than 148 billion dollars.


Here are Janus’s major mutual funds, sorted by specialization:

  1. Equity Funds.
  2. Bond Funds.
  3. Asset Allocation Funds.
  4. Money Market Funds.

Outstanding Mutual Funds

Morningstar’s Top-Rated

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The Best Funds According to Forbes

Forbes magazine ranks the performance of mutual funds, and each year it selects the ten best.  These funds performed well both in bull and bear markets.

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