There are a few global stock indices that try to give a complete view of what is going on in all of the world’s stock markets.  These indices are particularly useful for measuring the performance of mutual funds.


We will point out the Dow Jones Global Titans 50 index that was developed by Dow Jones & Co.  It includes fifty stocks from large companies across the world.


Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) also developed an extensive global series of indices. This series includes both indices that cover the world as a whole, and smaller ones that monitor specific countries where there is extensive stock trading.


Table 15 lists the 50 companies included in the Dow Jones Global Titans 50.


Table 15

Here are some companies included in the Dow Jones Global Titans 50, 2010

Company Sector Primary Stock Exchange
AIG Insurance NYSE
Bank of America Corp. Finance NYSE
Citigroup Inc. Finance NYSE
Coca – Cola Co. Soft Drinks NYSE
IBM Corp. Computer Services NYSE
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals NYSE
Pfizer Inc. Pharmaceuticals NYSE
Procter & Gamble Co. Household Products NYSE
Toyota Motor Corp. Automobiles Tokyo
Vodafone Group PLC Telecommunications LSE
Wal- Mart Stores Retail NYSE
Walt Disney Co. Enterinment NYSE
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals NYSE

Click here for the full list of the Fifty Companies included in the Dow Jones Global Titans 50.