Which Are The Different Types Of Investments


There are numerous types of investments that can assist you in achieving your financial dreams. Each investment type has its own set of features, risks and the way they can be used when investing.


Bank Products (savings)

Bank owned homes are attractive to many investors because they are priced at an affordable price and offer the possibility of returning huge profits in the long run. Investing in bank foreclosures is not without its risks. However, the risks are avoidable if you take time to identify them and take some steps to prevent losing your investment.

First of all, understand why thousands of homeowners lose their homes to foreclosures. Almost all are due to the failure of paying their monthly mortgage, which led to lenders foreclosing on the property to recover their investments. Some lost their houses to foreclosure because they were unable to pay their taxes.

The lack of financial education is usually the main cause of many peoples financial downfall. Knowing the basics of budgeting can avoid that nasty financial spiral to losing your home.

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Some Risks and How to Avoid Them:

Bank owned homes are sold ‘as is,’ meaning whatever repairs and renovations to be made on the property will be done by the buyer. That is why it is a must that you thoroughly inspect the house or property before buying in order to determine whether the cost of repairs is within your budget.

If you think that the property that you want to buy needs significant repairs to make it livable, use this to negotiate with the bank for a lower price. If you have the handyman skill, you can do most of the repairs yourself, thus saving yourself lots of money.

The lower the amount of money that you have to spend for both the purchase and repair of the property, the higher the profit you can expect to get from it if you decide to sell it in the future.



If you are a prudent investor, you might opt to buy bonds since they have a good profit potential and are an outstandingly safe investment. It is advisable to find out about all the different options for buying bonds that you have if you want to start in the bond market.

To begin with, you can invest in four basic kinds of bonds:

  • Ones that the national government sells
  • Corporations offer some
  • Local and state governments
  • Overseas governments


Unlike with normal stock exchange trading, you can never lose the amount of money that you put in up front although you could lose out to inflation. This is why Bonds are so safe for any of you who like to trade for low risk or anyone just starting out in online stock market trading.



Stock investing or making a stock investment does not require experience in the stock market. You don’t need to pick stocks on your own or take on excessive risk to invest in stocks. What you need to know about the stock market when you make your first stock investment is that stock prices fluctuate. Stocks trade on exchanges, and historically when held for the long term stocks have produced returns of about 10% a year. Over the shorter-term, the market goes through cycles called bull markets (rising prices) and bear markets (falling prices).

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Investment Funds

When you are choosing opportunities to invest in, you must realize that there are disadvantages in mutual funds. Investing in mutual funds will require you to pay management fees which can eat away at your return.

The fund is invested without regard to the fees paid by the investor. In fact, there are many disadvantages to managed funds that have been discussed in financial publications.

While you consider all of the disadvantages to mutual funds, some advantages should be considered as well. Some benefits are not apparent to the average investor, and they will help you to make an informed decision about your investment opportunities.



Saving for College

Yes, as odd as it may sound, saving for college is also an investment. It is both easier and cheaper to save for the future rather than taking a loan when the time is due and paying it off on a monthly basis which also has the high interest rates to go with it.

Putting your children through college is the single greatest financial commitment you will ever face. With college tuition rapidly spiraling out of control, it’s important to make sure you get everything right or face making your children having to borrow to pay for school or worse, sacrificing your retirement savings for your child.

 Choosing the right account for your child’s college savings can go a long way towards either making or breaking your savings efforts.



At one stage in your life, you must have given thought of how your dream retirement is going to be like, but have you thought about how are you going to make your retirement investment?

If not, then it’s time for you get started and do all the calculations. This is because, if you want your retirement dream to come true, this wakeup call should get you on your feet to get real and act wisely.

After all, even when you employ an expert to handle your finances, you cannot simply follow someone else blindly for your future livelihood. It is equally necessary to acquire the knowledge and understand what differentiates a quality advice from a quality sales pitch.


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