Financial Calculators

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Future Value of an Investment Calculator

This calculator assists in calculating the future values of investments at the end of the required period.

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Annuity Rate Calculator

It is important to plan ahead for our future. Annuity is a cash payment paid on a regular basis over a defined period. The calculator will assist you in planning the initial investment amount required in order to draw out a fixed amount of your choice over a pre-selected period.

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Loan Balance Calculator

You have taken a fixed-interest loan, but because of the interest calculation you do not know the amount you still owe. This calculator was created to help with that scenario – it will tell you the exact loan balance outstanding.

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Loan Debt Reducer Calculator

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Loan Repayment Calculator

The calculator automatically works out the amount of periodic repayments you need to make on a loan taken.


Statistics Calculator

Statistics uses a wide range of statistical measures and tools, requiring many lengthy calculations.
For your convenience, we have developed a special calculator for automatic rapid calculation of the indexes.


NPV Calculator

The present value represents the value of money or cash flows receivable at some date in the future. Present value is one of the main tools in financial theory, and is used, amongst other things, in choosing various investments with regard to financing alternatives. Present value also appears in other branches of financial theory, and is used in calculating the present value of financial instruments, such as bonds, loans, projects etc. For further information and study, refer to the Finance course or e-book.

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Initial Investment Calculator

This calculator helps in finding the initial investment required in order to receive a desired future capital amount.