Annuity Rate Calculator

Annuity Rate Calculator


It is important to plan ahead for our future. Annuity is a cash payment paid on a regular basis over a defined period. The calculator will assist you in planning the initial investment amount required in order to draw out a fixed amount of your choice over a pre-selected period.


1. Enter the annuity amount you wish to receive at each payment period in the first line.
2. In the second line enter the fixed annual rate of interest which will be received on the initial investment.
3. In the third line, enter the number of years in which you wish to receive the annuity.
4. In the fourth line, enter the number of times a year you wish to receive the annuity. For example, if you select 12 times, you will receive monthly payments of the amount shown in the first line.


Annuity amount we wish to receive: $1000. Guaranteed rate of interest on the amount is 5% per annum. The annuity amount will be paid out monthly for a period of one year. Since we want to receive the annuity monthly, we select in the fourth line, 12 times. The result is the amount of the initial investment required at the start of the year in order to receive $1,000 each month: $11,681.22 at 5% interest.