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ASIC Accreditation

The Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) is a private accreditation body based in the United Kingdom. It is one of the accreditation bodies recognized by the UK Border Agency, permitting educational institutions with ASIC accreditation to sponsor international students to study in the UK. 

Following widespread and increasing concern over the behaviour of some international independent and private colleges, and the growing number of international students looking to study a wide range of subjects all over the world, the UK Government identified the need for a more rigorous system for accrediting education institutions involved in recruiting overseas students. 

ASIC has been formed to bring this independent information to the student population through its accreditation service with well defined and objective benchmarking. Accreditation through ASIC helps the students and parents make a more informed choice and also helps colleges and other learning institutions to demonstrate that they are a high quality institution. ASIC, therefore fully recognises the pressing need for a robust and transparent approach to ensuring that colleges and like institutions provide the best possible student experience in terms of the students achieving their maximum academic potential.

ASIC has identified the following Areas of Operation, which are assessed and given a grade of Commendable, Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. These grades not are taken into account in deciding whether or not to award accreditation to an institution, but are also be helpful in enabling students to make informed choices on where they might study.

Areas of Operation:

  • Premises and Health and Safety
  • Management and Staff Resources
  • Learning and Teaching; Course Delivery
  • Quality Assurance and Enhancement
  • Student Welfare
  • Qualifications and Awards
  • Marketing and Student Recruitment
  • Relationship with Government Offices and Reporting Mechanisms.

Visit the ASIC website for more information: