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Accounting  - Click to read!
Basic accounting skills are necessary tools when dealing with finances. Understanding the basic concepts and methods used in accounting is critical for developing organizational skills. This e-Book will help guide you into this fascinating world of Accounting in a way that's both easy and intriguing.
Finance  - Click to read!
Finance for Beginners teaches basic methods, tools and theories used today. The subjects range from principal and learning how to calculate interest rates, to risk factors, measures and shares. Presented in a clear and straightforward format, with illustrations and easy-to-read graphs, learning theory is made simple in this beginner's book.
Statistics - Click to read!
This Statistics e-Book is an important and useful tool for making decisions in most areas of activity, including in your professional life. Unfortunately, statistics is regarded as a difficult and complex subject, and many students shy away from it. Statistics for Beginners transforms the daunting world of statistics into a usable and useful tool. This e-book is presented in a simple and clear format that makes statistics and its related theories easy to understand.
The Stock Market  - Click to read!
This e-book is designed as a beginner's guide to investing, offering you basic knowledge regarding different investment options relevant to the stock market. Stock Market for Beginners covers a wide range of topics including stocks, bonds, trust funds, options, as well as stock market trading methods. The chapters are thorough and easy-to-follow, accompanied by practical day-to-day examples and illustrations.