Interactive Courses

Interactive Courses

Our interactive courses in finance and management are the most effective way to give your career the boost that it needs. Scroll down to find out how.

Track Your Progress

One of the most important aspects of self-learning is getting accurate feedback for your progress. That is why our lessons include review questions every 3-5 slides, complete with feedback and detailed explanations. When you finish a major topic, you will be asked to solve a quiz, for which you get a grade. That way you can be sure that you have a real understanding of the course’s topics.

Natural Environment

Good interactive lessons have to engage several senses. Therefore, our courses are fully narrated by a pleasant human voice. According to research, this helps you remember more of the course’s material for a longer period. The human voice doesn't stop there; our human experts are ready to answer your questions on our forum or by private emails.

Enjoy Learning

We know how much you like to be entertained. Who says learning can’t be entertaining? In each lesson you can find instructive videos – some of them can enlighten you, others can help you memorize important ideas. Some might even make you laugh! We have produced most of the videos ourselves, specifically for you, while others are excerpts from well-known financial YouTube channels. Whenever you reach one, just hit the play button, sit back, and enjoy.

Keep It Real

Learning about finance on a purely theoretical level is fine – but taking it to the real world is what you're here for. While learning with our interactive courses, you’ll find references to actual events, links to current articles, and even calculators to help you implement what you’ve learned. You can even consult the experts through our specialized discussion boards.

Designed for You

Our courses are carefully designed and crafted to suit any learner. No background in finance is necessary to take any of our courses, which start from the ground up, but if you do have some experience, you can always skip forward to delve into the more complex subjects. The courses were written in straightforward English, and no professional term is used without being accompanied with a thorough explanation.

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