Future Value of an Investment Calculator

Future Value of an Investment Calculator


This calculator assists in calculating the future values of investments at the end of the required period.


The investment data needed to be programmed :
1. In the first line, enter the principle/initial investment amount.
2. In the second line, enter the fixed annual interest rate on the investment.
3. In the third line enter the period over which the interest will accure.
4. The fourth line relates to interest. If the interest is calculated on an annual basis, select the number 1, if it is calculated on a quarterly basis, select the number 4, monthly basis - 12, and so on.


We have an amount of $10,000 we wish to invest in a bank deposit.
The amount we wish to invest is called the principle, and we enter 10,000 in the first line.
The interest on the bank deposit is 4% per annum.
The investment period is 5 years.
The interest is calculated annually (and so we select the number 1 in the fourth line).
In 5 years time, we will receive $12,166.