Did you know that according to a study published in 2012 in the Harvard Business Review, women are more effective leaders than men? Women leaders understand survival, renewal and reinvention. They fight for what they believe in with hard work and dedication and reach incredible results in short time. Some of the more prominent leaders in business and technology include Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman, Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM, and Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo, the second largest food and beverage business in the world. These women and others nearly single handedly turned their company revenues and strategic development around into growth and success.

And yet at the CEO level, worldwide, there are only 3% to 4% who are women. How is this possible? Sheryl Sandberg, one of the most powerful women in the world of business and COO of Facebook tries to answer that very question.

Listen to her fascinating lecture on women in leadership position leave us comments letting us know what you think. Do you feel there are enough women leading in business? What do you think can be done to change this?