Stock Market Trading for Beginners

Stock Market Trading for Beginners

Stock Market Trading for Beginners

Most Online educational videos  that help people learn stock market trading for beginners are pre-recorded and short enough for anyone curious enough to get to know the stock market trading basics.

These video tutorials would have worked in giving the interested individuals some very basic insights in understanding a few chosen investing strategies usually shown in real time.

You may even see a few self acclaimed gurus that will utilize live streaming apps like Facebook live or a live stream via YouTube that will display their own personal screens in an effort to demonstrate the most recent ways an on-line trader can earn. They will usually only load the profitable trades and will try and sell you some kind of money making app or program.


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But first, what are stocks?

Stocks are also known as shares as they often provide proof that an individual has bought some shares in a certain company they have chosen to invest in. Most stock exchange investors can’t buy a whole corporation yet. They have to begin by learning how to trade stocks in the market place first for the most part while still building their portfolio.


These shares of stock are sold in establishments like the New York Stock Exchange for people to view. For the most part, the investors found within these halls are professional traders and large corporations. You will get the few beginner investors show up to learn the ropes right in the middle of the action. So in effect, they see how shares of stocks trade ownership among companies and individuals.

That being said, you need to remember that these highly paid and high earners also started as beginner traders before building up profitable portfolios. These pro’s also buy and sell high quantities of assets.

Once you will take an interactive on line course and learn stock market trading for beginners course you too will be able to start building your own residual monthly income and build a portfolio of your own.


How are there stocks priced?

1.       The stocks sold would show up on the big screen for the buyers to bid upon. Bids made are often based on the price that they see.

2.       Or, if a stockbroker is involved, they would bid based on a price provided by the stockbroker for the buyer to negotiate around with.


Stockbrokers often end up as the middlemen to negotiate between the two parties in order for them to meet halfway and agree on a price. Sellers dictate the price at first then wait for any takers. With so many takers lining up these bids, transactions get closed in a jiffy.


Stock Market Glossary and Terms

Learn stock market trading for beginners by learning new glossary terms:

Market volume – this is the number of shares of stock traded in a span of time. There are multiple transactions that occur in a single day prompted by various real-life situations like the price drop in oil. If ever there is one market that functions based on news and current events, whether real or manufactured, it would be the stock market. Stock prices rise and fall based on the public perception on how business is done by the parties involved.


Market capitalization – this is the value in total that a corporation is pitching to its stable of shareholders. Accountants would rather explain this as the total amount computed when the number of outstanding shares in a company is multiplied by the current stock price of a company. So a corporations value is measured by the total number of outstanding stocks, not the total number of stocks declared for their initial public offering.


Market cap – this reveals the size of a corporation. This helps people learn how to trade stocks for beginners by osmosis. Or by how the investing style is duplicated with the way a corporation as a whole is investing in stocks. Most of the beginner investors just starting out in their quest to trading stocks are individuals with no interest in any one particular company at the moment. If ever there is one investment lesson people learn from this term, it is risk management.


Day range – this spans the wide fluctuations in price of stocks traded in a day. Stable stocks often have a short day range. Stocks that end up having a long day range are viewed most of the time as unstable. So, if ever some beginner investors hoping to learn how to trade stocks end up investing in some of these companies, they would base it on the perceived profit-loss ratio.


There are so many factors that would push people, or future traders to learn how to trade stocks for beginners. Once in awhile, it can be nerve-wracking but not many investors have given up due to that euphoric high that comes with a major return of investments based on cash poured in.

In effect, people who take the time and learn financial management and better risk aversion will usually be the traders who succeed in the long run and will be able to build a very profitable portfolio.



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Learning the trading basics will in it-self, offer you an edge on other wannabe investors without any previous knowledge. To become a profitable trader you will need to rely on yourself to pick the winning asset to invest in and not some self acclaimed on-line guru.

In our interactive online stock market course for beginners you will get a comprehensive insight into:

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