Start A New Life In Canada
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Start A New Life In Canada

Whether you are planning to relocate yourself to the beautiful country of Canada permanently or just planning to purchase a holiday retreat, there are always enough reasons to be there. Presenting to you highlights of what Canada can offer you and why it’s high time you begin to think why not – “Start my life in Canada”

  • Canada is one of the richest countries and its economy is booming.
  • Canadians enjoy some of the highest quality of life with an average lifespan of 76.5 years per person.
  • Canada’s unemployment rate has always been one of the lowest in the world. If you love traveling, you will find many places that will take your breath away.
  • Inflation and taxes is our alarming issue. But Canada is blessed with low tax and 2.3% inflation rate.
  • “Free Healthcare” service is something that has made loads of people move to Canada for good.

Above all it’s a beautiful country to reside. So now that we see that from long term perspective Canada looks like a beautiful option to relocate, here are 3 easy steps that will put you at ease and realize your dream Canadian Home. Look inside yourself first Are you tired of the running around busy lifestyle? Some secret wish deep down inside of you to strike a balance in your family and professional life. Then moving to Canada is the right step. Many people love Canada for its simplistic and laid-back lifestyle, not to mention the spectacular scenery. So if you feel that living the life of a Canadian suits you, then you will tend to look for more suitable homes that will become your permanent residence. Research on the Canadian property market Definitely the first thing that crosses your mind and creates a blockage is the cost.

But the good news is Cost Residential property in Canada is generally cheaper than in the UK. But never commit to a purchase until you learn about the current situation of the Canadian property market. The residential market itself has performed well and has not been deeply affected by global recession. Consider your location ( East or West Coast)

East Coast

  • Maritime Provinces (New Brunswick/Nova Scotia/Newfoundland and PEI). Solid Celtic impact, with substantial African and French Canadian residential areas between others. Far more countryside in nature.
  • Easier to talk to folks, more collective, more social, more humble.
  • What’s best is that homes in Eastern Canada are generally cheaper than property in the West. East Canada is also famous for its many natural attractions and breath taking country side that is very easily within reach.

West Coast

  • Merely the British Columbia. The lower landmass is Canada’s California. Pleasant climate (by Canadian requirements), and wonderful scenery.
  • Folks are much closed, superiority complex, more distinctive, a lot more subdued than the prototypes, hearers (possibly not listeners) slower speed.
  • Large Indian and Chinese communities amongst others.

Another part of Canada that is slowly but surely gaining popularity amongst second home buyers is Toronto. Due to its relatively strong rental market, rates have remained generally low despite global recession and crunches on credit. Montreal also shares the same properties by having strong rental markets.

WE hope that this simple guide will prove to be useful to you when you begin your search for your dream Canadian home in the near future. Indeed now you have loads or reasons to move to Canada apart from Niagara Falls and CN towers. Welcome to Canada!


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