How Can You Tell If You Can Be A Manager?

Not many team members would think twice if someone offered to promote them to team managers. A promotion as a team manager does have several benefits associated with it. At the very least, it acts as an affirmation of your skills and abilities, as well as recognition was given by the management for your performances as a team member. The promotion entitles you to a hike in salary, various perks and incentives, and as an assortment of other benefits. Most of all, it opens up the pathways for your career.


The Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Apply for a Managerial Position


However, not everyone has the capabilities to be a good manager. In addition, several people might not even enjoy being in positions of management. It might seem easy and impressive from the point of view of a team member. Yet, managers will agree that taking on the role often presents its own set of challenges.

If you’re keen on taking up a management position, consider asking yourself the following questions:


  1. Do you have the ability to support the organizational goals?
  2. Will you be able to ensure that your team members comply with all organizational rules? At the same time, will you have the courage (and initiative) to lead attempts to change rules that serve no practical purpose, if needed?
  3. Do you have (or have you ever demonstrated) the ability to plan, organize, lead or control various activities?
  4. Do you have an open mind that can view things from several different angles and deal with change?
  5. How good are you when it comes to tasks and people management – as well as balancing the two together?
  6. How good are your communication skills – both verbal and written? Have you demonstrated the ability to listen effectively at the workplace?
  7. Have you demonstrated the ability to get people to work together collaboratively?
  8. Do you have the ability to make tough decisions when needed?
  9. Have you exhibited the ability to manage a small group of people successfully in the past?
  10. Do you have the ability to manage multiple tasks at the same time, without dropping the ball?


Convincing Your Supervisor of Your Ability to Manage a Team


You might possess most of the traits associated with being a manager. However, if you continue to dream of becoming one, without any possibility of that dream turning into a reality, you might need to move on to the next stage. This involves convincing your supervisor. You might have the requisite levels of experience, skills, and performances to back your claims. However, a successful past performance does not necessarily add up to a successful future as a manager.

Therefore, you probably need to convince your supervisor of your managerial abilities. Some ways through which you could achieve this include:


  • By highlighting your problem-solving abilities, whenever you face a challenge at work
  • By taking on small management opportunities whenever they arise via projects, assignments etc.
  • By making an effort to understand the organizational goals, strategies etc. by:

a)    Reading all about the company, its annual report, press releases etc.

b)    Interacting with people in other departments and understanding how they work

  • By continuing to focus on your work and ensuring that you maintain a good work ethic in addition to making your performances speak for themselves


In the end, focusing on the process and the basics will help you to gain the recognition of your supervisor. Thereafter, your progress to a managerial role depends entirely on your supervisor’s powers of persuasion with those at the next level in the corporate hierarchy.


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